Katt Williams’s Necklace Has TikTok Users Mystified — Here’s What It Says

In a recent interview on Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast, comedian Katt Williams made headlines for his bold claims about fellow celebrities like Cedric the Entertainer, Ludacris, and Kevin Hart. 

However, it was a peculiar piece of jewelry that caught the attention of many viewers – a necklace bearing the curious phrase “Woke Foke.” This enigmatic accessory has since ignited a frenzy of speculation on TikTok, with users puzzling over its potential meaning. 

In this article, we’ll explore the theories and symbolism surrounding Katt Williams’s “Woke Foke” necklace.

What Does Katt Williams’s Necklace Say?

At first glance, the necklace features two overlapping words: “Woke” and “Foke.” The term “woke” has become a cultural buzzword, typically associated with being aware of social and political issues, particularly those related to racial injustice and systemic oppression. 

However, the word “foke” is a slang term, possibly derived from “folks,” which raises questions about the intended meaning behind the phrase.

Katt Williams himself provided a cryptic clue in March 2022 when he posted an Instagram photo of himself performing stand-up comedy

In the caption, he wrote, “Woke Foke vs. sleep [sheep emoji],” suggesting a contrast between being “woke” and being unaware or following the herd mentality.

TikTok Reacts to the “Woke Foke” Necklace

TikTok Reacts to the "Woke Foke" Necklace

The “Woke Foke” necklace quickly became a topic of fascination on TikTok, with users sharing their theories and reactions. 

In one video, TikTok user @udreamof_kattie admitted, “I’m not doing a review [of] the interview with Shannon Sharpe and Katt Williams. I’m just trying to figure out what this chain … what does that say?”

Another user, @frank_thebarber, echoed the sentiment, commenting, “I want to know what it says!”

Various TikTok users offered their interpretations, ranging from the necklace being a statement about Katt’s self-awareness and street credibility to it being a playful jab at the concept of “wokeness” itself.

Unpacking the Symbolism of the “Woke Foke” Design

Beyond the intriguing phrase, the “Woke Foke” necklace itself is adorned with symbols that have sparked further speculation. The words are set atop a compass, which is positioned on top of a ship’s wheel.

TikTok user @WHOISTAI observed that the ship’s wheel bears a striking resemblance to the Helm of Awe, a powerful runic symbol associated with protection and triumph over one’s enemies in Norse mythology. 

According to @WHOISTAI, “He knew what he was doing,” implying that Katt Williams intentionally incorporated this symbolic element into the necklace’s design.

Another TikTok video, posted by @viraltime_2, noted the design’s similarity to the dharmachakra, which is one of the most significant symbols in Buddhism. 

According to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the dharmachakra represents “the Buddha’s First Sermon in the forest at Sarnath, where he set Buddhist Law (dharma) in motion.”

The Jeweler Behind Katt’s Woke Foke Bling

The “Woke Foke” necklace was created by a jewelry company called Icebox. In March 2022, Icebox posted a close-up of the same pendant on Instagram, stating in the caption that Katt Williams owned the piece.

One Instagram commenter questioned the unconventional spelling of “foke,” to which another user replied, “It’s the street version, aight?”

Interestingly, Icebox also offered matching “Woke Foke” bracelets and rings at the time, and according to TikTok user @10kmazi, who provided photographic evidence, it appears that Katt Williams owns the entire set.

What Does “Woke Foke” Mean to Katt Williams?

What Does "Woke Foke" Mean to Katt Williams?

While the “Woke Foke” phrase and design elements seem to incorporate various cultural and symbolic references, the overarching meaning remains open to interpretation. 

One theory suggests that Katt Williams is embracing a fusion of enlightenment and street sensibility, blending the concepts of being “woke” (aware) with a nod to his urban roots (represented by the slang term “foke”).

Alternatively, some speculate that the necklace could be a satirical or tongue-in-cheek commentary on the overuse and commodification of the term “woke” itself. 

By pairing it with the more colloquial “foke,” Katt may be poking fun at the idea of self-proclaimed “wokeness” while simultaneously asserting his authentic connection to the streets.

“It’s a statement about being aware of the world around you, but also staying true to your roots and not getting caught up in the superficial aspects of ‘wokeness,'” said cultural critic and Katt Williams fan, Tanya Mitchell.

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Regardless of the intended message, the “Woke Foke” necklace has undoubtedly sparked a lively discussion and generated considerable intrigue among Katt Williams’s fans and critics alike.


In the end, the true meaning behind Katt Williams’s “Woke Foke” necklace remains a mystery, open to interpretation and debate. 

Whether it’s a profound statement about self-awareness and authenticity or a playful jab at societal trends, the necklace has undoubtedly captured the imagination of TikTok users and sparked a vibrant online discourse.

As we continue to unravel the layers of symbolism and cultural references embedded in this enigmatic piece of jewelry, one thing is clear: Katt Williams has once again proven his ability to captivate audiences and ignite conversations with his unique brand of humor and unconventional style.

What’s your interpretation of the “Woke Foke” necklace? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of Katt Williams and his ever-intriguing persona.

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